Get Help from My HCG Journey

HCG diet helped me to lose my weight

I am happy to say that HCG diet has aided me to achieve my weight loss goals. I am a person, who struggled with my overweight and exercises and diets my entire life. Then luckily one day I got to know about HCG diet plan. I never thought that HCG diet could be very effective, but some of the positive reviews over the internet made me try this diet. Well, then I started my HCG diet. I had selected 40 days HCG diet protocol and used e4s hcg drops. The only reason to use HCG drops was that it is pain free method as in case of HCG injections you need to bear pinching pain.

Effective HCG diet

I am very much satisfied with the HCG weight loss results. Despite of being on a low calorie diet, I was energetic I guess this because of the powerful HCG drops. I strictly followed all the three phases of HCG diet. Well, the first phase was very fun as it was excessive eating phase, and I just love to eat. In the second phase, I never did cheating in this diet even though it was a 500 calorie diet; I managed to maintain the suggested calorie level in my diet. In the third phase that is the maintenance phase, I found this to be difficult as it is required to avoid sugars, oils and starch rich food for weeks together. I dint even realize that HCG diet is so effective at the end of my 40 days diet program I had lost overall 50 pounds. This is truly a miracle diet that helped me a lot in many ways. Now, I look fabulous and also have a healthy and fit body.

This diet also helped me to learn to make some healthy recipes. The HCG recipes that I included in my diet were Chocolate covered strawberries smoothie, HCG deviled eggs, steak and cabbage slaw, Strawberry and lemon juice and much more. Frankly speaking, I truly had delicious HCG diet; this not only aided me to reduce my weight but also helped me in many other ways. In my HCG recipes I totally avoided sugar, oil, butter, wheat gluten and other starch and calorie rich food. My HCG diet was delicious and enjoyable. The HCG diet has truly worked with me. I hope it works well with everyone only if you follow the prescribed diet plan and take HCG dosage as instructed. Happy dieting!

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